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Where is the best place to find a rental house?

Where is the best place to find a rental house?

You might be wondering where to look for rental homes if you want to rent your next residence.

You might be wondering where to look for rental homes if you want to rent your next residence. Questions like Which is the greatest website for finding a rental home? and How do I find a rental home. For apartments, there seem to be an infinite amount of rental listing websites, but it might be more difficult to find residences. Fortunately, you may look for the rental house of your dreams on a number of websites that compile listings. Here is a list of the top websites for renting homes in 2022.

The 7 top apps and websites for renting homes in 2022

The top rental property websites give you a variety of search options depending on numerous factors. For instance, you might only be interested in homes with at least two bedrooms or a particular ZIP code. Some websites even allow you to look for specific features like a balcony or a washer and dryer.

1. Best house rent website overall is a comprehensive online choice that effectively serves both the tenant and the owner. The website claims to make renting simple, and we believe it to be true. Find the neighborhood you wish to live in, and then use detailed filters like Lifestyle, Move-in Date, Ratings, Square Footage, and more to compare the available apartments, homes, condominiums, and townhouses.

Why it’s useful for renters: This is a one-stop shop for the entire rental process. You can evaluate costs and available features before applying online, signing a lease, and making rent payments from any device.

Why it’s useful for landlords: Owners can use the website to handle every aspect of their property online, including listings, applications, screening, creating leases, collecting payments, managing tenants, organizing expenses, and keeping track of repairs.

2. Zillow: Best for location-based rental searches

Zillow, a major map-based real estate marketplace that was established in 2006, connects tenants and landlords with house buyers and sellers. The results can be filtered by a variety of factors, including the number of bathrooms, square footage, and the year the house was built. You can search by city or ZIP code. You can perform a search directly on the map by zooming in to precisely pinpoint each property’s location and the area in which it is situated.

Why it’s useful for renters: Prospective tenants can look up information on the neighborhood and the history of the house they are interested in renting.

Why it’s useful for landlords: Owners can use Zillow’s property value reports to determine how much to charge for rentals.

3. Craigslist: Best free option

Although cautious, Craigslist might be a fantastic place to start. This public marketplace accepts unvetted free postings for anything from employment to services. Ask lots of questions, meet the potential landlord in a public place, and bring a companion when you see the property. If you decide to rent the house, make sure to acquire a documented lease.

Why it’s useful for renters: removes the rental agencies’ middleman and, hence, their associated expenses.

Why it’s useful for landlords: You run the show on Craigslist if you prefer to have complete control over every aspect of the leasing process.

4. PadMapper: Best for extras

Another user-friendly and logical map-based listing tool is PadMapper. You must access the filters and select “home” under type because there are numerous apartments and single rooms listed for rent. The program by default displays Airbnb homes, so pick “ignore Airbnb” under extra.”

Why it’s useful for renters: This is a wonderful alternative if you’re looking to share expenses by renting a room inside a house or apartment.

Why it’s useful for landlords: An easy option for a landlord to reach a wide audience in search of rentals in a big city is through PadMapper.

5. Zumper: Best startup app for rentals

This app provides rentals for houses, rooms, condos, and apartments for long-term, monthly, and vacation stays. They provide services ranging from renting to lease signing in an effort to make the process as simple as reserving a hotel room.

Why it’s useful for renters: It is simple to browse alternatives, apply, and lease your ideal location thanks to the user-friendly design.

Why it’s useful for landlords: Rental listings may be posted, applicants can be screened, and rent can be collected all in one location.

6. HotPads: Best for big city searches

HotPads Despite the fact that HotPads concentrates more on apartments than single-family homes, you may still discover a respectable amount of houses there. Entering your workplace to determine the distance traveled by car, foot, bike, or public transportation is a particularly useful function.

Why it’s useful for renters: You may use this tool to sort through the numerous possibilities in major cities without having to waste time traveling to each one.

Why it’s useful for landlords: You can advertise the availability of your apartment complex and manage your listings because this is a member of the Zillow family.

7. Best for first-time renters’s extensive collection of filters are its greatest asset. Simply click on the features you value most, such as hardwood floors and walk-in closets. The site doesn’t have as many rental homes as some others, but it might be a fantastic option for individuals who are certain of what they want.

Why it’s useful for renters: Having resources that have been assembled especially for your situation is reassuring.

Why it’s useful for landlords: When working with, property managers and owners will be able to post opportunities on Apartment Guide,, and Redfin.

The bottom line

While locating a rental property may be a little trickier than finding an apartment, there are a number of services that might be of assistance. Create a list of houses that are worth visiting in person by visiting a few and experimenting with the filters on these sites.

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