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2022 Toyota Camry-SE

What is Best 2022 Toyota Camry Trim?

What is the difference between a 2022 Toyota Camry LE and SE? What are the trim levels of a 2022 Toyota Camry? Which model of Toyota Camry is best?

People have been asking what is the difference between the 2022 Camry SE and XSE? What is the difference between a 2022 Toyota Camry LE and SE? What are the trim levels of a 2022 Toyota Camry? Which model of Toyota Camry is best? and so many questions of that nature. So I am here to put an answer to all your Toyota Camry 2022 questions. check out my car reviews on scisiz here

Toyota Camry Overview

This car is a legend! I am sorry if i sound biased here because i am so passionate about this car and here are my reasons: is it for its affordability? or reliability? drama-free transportation? and especially in the case of the current model, even the base trim comes well equipped like seriously. Its a great car. But you could want a more stylish exterior, or some few luxury touches, and top notch driver assist features Toyota has to offer? The Toyota Camry has five basic trims you can choose from, and i am going to take you through all of them. Lets go.

Features of Toyota Camry SE 2022

The Toyota Camry SE, priced is at about $27,500, you will gets all the same features as the LE plus some other sporty touches. You know there is a two pillars break downs of the Camry line by Toyota which are traditional luxury and sporty with the former using “LE” in the name and the latter using “SE. “) The SE’s LED headlights has black accents, and styling benefits from a black front grille with sport mesh insert with a sport side rocker panels. You also have a body-color rear spoiler, and the LE’s has a single-exit exhaust which has a new finisher and carries a dual chrome tips.

It might not be all luxurious, but the interior provides a few nice touches that makes sense. Let open the door, and guess what you’ll see. there it is, a leatherette used to replace the base model’s fabric upholstery. You also have a leather-wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters, and dual-zone automatic climate control. make sense hun?

Have you ever been driving at night and you are feeling dark? then you got the Camry SE Nightshade which provides blacked-out trim and makes it different from the standard SE. This special edition adds black side mirrors, black window trim, black door handles, and a black rear spoiler, and of of cause the black Camry badging. thinking of ordering? you can get the Camry SE Hybrid in Nightshade specification.

Features Of 2022 Toyota Camry LE

The price of this car is about $26,000, if you see the basic Camry LE you will find few frills but I can assure you will find just about everything you need. Something of note is Toyota includes all of its essential driver assist features here such as limited speed range adaptive cruise control, automated emergency brakinglane keep assist with lane tracing, automatic high-beams, road sign assist, and rear-seat reminder are all provisioned in standard.

You will also find features like LED headlights and daytime running lights, LED taillights with black accents, and a dark gray front grille. The Camry LE models wheels is 19-inch and sport color-matched side mirrors and door handles. This year, the side mirrors can be heated up.

Lets go inside. You will find fabric upholstery with an eight-way power driver’s seat and six-way manual passenger seat. There is Auto up/down functionality in all four windows. Then for the 2022, there is dual-zone climate control, and illuminated sun visor mirror. The basic infotainment setup is a 7.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a six-speaker audio, and a standard 4.2-inch instrument cluster display.

The 2022 Toyota Camry XLE

The XLE trim is a non-sporty base model but has several extra luxury and convenience features (like an LE plus). Though the price is much higher: This model is nothing less than $31,000. Lets look at some of the key features: It has a bright metallic grille up front, with an 18-inch wheels, heated side mirrors carrying turn signal indicators, door handles which have touch sensor for locking and unlocking, plus a keyless entry.

Lets step inside. Just on the front seat, the XLE adds leather upholstery, heated front seats, an eight-way power passenger’s seat, and adjustable rear headrests. Also you will see a dual-zone automatic climate control with rear-seat vents. We can see other luxurious touches like some wood-tone interior trim, ambient interior lighting, a 7.0-inch instrument cluster display, and a 9.0-inch infotainment set.


If you drive it you will observe some improvements too. The XLE has an improved function, the stop-and-go adaptive cruise control, then you have an electric parking brake, a rear cross-traffic alert, a blind-spot monitoring, and a dynamic guidelines for the backup camera. The XLE models also has a drive mode switch which allows you to choose between Normal, Eco and Sport.

If you buy the XLE model you have an additional powertrain option. Like the power system is so cool. In comparing it to the LE and SE model you do not have those kind option but are offered in four-cylinder FWD and four-cylinder AWD configurations. Though they also have a hybrid setup. Yet the XLE can be configured with any of those options or with a Toyota’s 306-hp V-6 if you want a more powerful engine. It can come with a JBL nine-speaker premium audio system, a sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors, an optional panoramic moonroof, and a 10-inch head-up display. wow. everything is simply X I mean extra.

2022 Toyota Camry XSE Features

With about $31,400, you can get the Camry XSE which combines most of the luxury features of the XLE with upgraded interior, some extra safety features, a keyless entry, and so on. You can feel the sporty aesthetic of the SE. The XSE rides on 19s compare to the XLE’s 18-inch wheels. At the front you’ll notice the same gloss black grille as that of the SE, and on the profile you can see the XSE’s sport side rocker panels. At the rear you can see a dual-exit exhaust system that has a quad chrome tips. Lets get inside and see and you will find some interior touches which includes the SE’s leather-wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters, (you wont see this in the XLE,) and some patterned metal trim where you have the XLE’s wood-tone trim. woof. its trilling if you see this for real.

If you buy the Camry XSE V-6, you will have all the same beautify engine as the six-cylinder XLE, And an upgraded audio system, big moonroof, head-up display, and illuminated vanity mirrors will be included.

Features of 2022 Toyota Camry TRD

I am sorry i have to jump inside the car the moment I opened it. Let me tell you what I saw. The TRD’s interior is adorned in red. you can see a TRD instrument cluster with red accents, red contrast stitching all through the cabin, and and intriguing TRD floor mats carrying some red detailing. OMG, its so awesome. You know what else I noticed? a fixed rear seat unlike the 60/40 split in other trims and then an incredibly beautiful aluminum sport pedals.

What is TRD?

Franky, the Camry TRD which is a term for the Toyota Racing Development is a more sport-focused Nightshade SE. Its carrying the V-6 standard engine. Though it doesn’t have most of the luxury touches of the XLE and XSE, but it’s the least expensive way to give it up for the Camry’s most powerful engine. Thinking of getting this car, then your budget should be at about $33,000.

You can differentiate the TRD from the rest of the range with the black heated side mirrors carrying a turn signal indicators, matte black wheel center caps with the TRD logo, black window trim, a TRD rear spoiler, and a red TRD badge. You also have a cat-back dual exhaust which kind of change the soundtrack a bit.


Which Is The Best Of the 2022 Toyota Camry Model?

If i have to chose of spend my money on any of them i would chose the SE. Toyota sat down to complete it. they included all the crazy features. Looking at the safety features of all the trims from LE, SE, XLE, XSE, to the last TRD, i really do appreciate the design of the SE’s. The leatherette upholstery, the sporty paddle shifters, its just modest. But if you can spend more money on this car and you are in love with cars as much as i am, then i advise you go for an XSE that way you can get all the upgraded infotainment system, improved driver assist tech, and better interior materials.

We all looked at each other in disbelief.

“Elvis is dead!”

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