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Low_level_programming/000-hello_world Part 1

What happens when you type gcc main.c What is an entry point What is main How to print text using printf, puts and putchar



Learning Objectives

  • What happens when you type gcc main.c
  • What is an entry point
  • What is main
  • How to print text using printfputs and putchar
  • How to get the size of a specific type using the unary operator sizeof
  • How to compile using gcc
  • What is the default program name when compiling with gcc
  • What is the official C coding style and how to check your code with betty-style
  • How to find the right header to include in your source code when using a standard library function
  • How does the main function influence the return value of the program


gcc -S -masm=intel $CFILE


#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>

 * main - Entry point
 * Return: Always 0 (Success)
int main(void)
	write(2, "and that piece of art is useful\" - Dora Korpar, 2015-10-19\n", 59);
	return (1);

To make a readme file,

echo "whatever description " >

If you have any questions please leave it on the comment box bellow.

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