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Easiest Rout To The US As A Registered Nurse

Easiest Rout To The US As A Registered Nurse

Do you want to move to the US as a registered nurse? Our client agency works with many healthcare companies scattered across all US States.

Do you want to move to the US as a registered nurse? Our client agency works with many healthcare companies scattered across all US States. They include world-leading hospitals and state of the art medical facilities. Moving to America as a nurse has become far easier than ever.

Nursing jobs you will be introduced to in America come Visa Sponsorship. This means you will get a GREEN CARD when you are employed to work as a nurse. There are excellent benefits for you as a nurse. These include the opportunity to relocate and be assisted with accommodation, mouth watering salaries and the opportunity to start a life in a wonderful environment, USA. 

The United States of America is presently hugely short on nursing staff and so there’s high demand for registered immigrant nurses like you! Where there is a lot of staffing needed for nurses, not all medical facilities have the ability to sponsor foreign nurses. Yet there are many who offer Green Card Sponsorship and that is the purpose of this article.

Opportunities available for RN In The US

This article is to introduce you to all the opportunities available for you as an RN outside of the USA. When employed you will be working in a wonderful health facility and have worthy benefits and fantastic career opportunities!

Our client specializes in recruiting healthcare workers and offers training on NCLEX-RN and Licensing (Read more about NCLEX-RN Licensing). They have helped many nurses get jobs and get settled in the United States of America.

You must know by now that in order to be eligible to work as a nurse in The United States of America, you would need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. So it’s either you have already written and passed the exam or you are ready to put in effort to write the exam. We provide support on preparing and writing your NCLEX-RN exam. 

What Are The Benefits Of Our US Registered Nurse Jobs?

You might be wondering what benefit you will get apart from just the opportunity to move to the USA. When it comes to our Job placement, there’s an extensive list of fantastic benefits you will get by joining us. With these benefits, you can easily transition from your old life into a new one.

Our clients will provide visa sponsorship for you at FREE cost. The Jobs you will get will ensure you’re happy and have a full package of benefits like every other nurse in the USA. Are you worried and concerned about starting life in a new environment? Don’t be nervous because our agent will be with you all the way, helping you with the immigration process, relocation and settling in. Your immigration process will be smooth and free from stress. 

What Will it Cost You? 

I know by now you’re already wondering what all of these will cost. As expected of any high profile services like this, it is no surprise that you are concerned about the cost. However, it may please you to know that all it will cost you is to be a REGISTERED NURSE AND PASS THE NCLEX-RN EXAM.  Every other thing is FREE. You don’t need to pay a single fee to be employed and to get visa sponsorship. 

However, after you have passed through all the process and are fully employed, you will agree to a certain payment term over a period of time. 

Move to US As A Registered Nurse
Move To US As A Registered Nurse

Relocation Assistance for our US nursing jobs

  • Visa (GREEN CARD) Sponsorship is absolutely FREE
  • You can get sponsorship for your dependents
  • Huge bonus to help you settle in as you relocate
  • You will get a paid one-way flight
  • You will get a free orientation training 
  • Provision of Health Insurance; medical, dental and vision
  • Amazing working opportunity; high salary, education allowance for further studies, paid time off.
  • Registered Nursing jobs in all of 50 US States.

You have questions? Send us an email and get all your questions answered.

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