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Best Traits of a Profitable Forex Trader

Best Traits of a Profitable Forex Trader

The projected lifestyle that goes along with successful trading, such as images of fast automobiles, opulent vacations, or seeing forex trader trading in far

The projected lifestyle that goes along with successful trading, such as images of fast automobiles, opulent vacations, or seeing forex trader trading in far-flung locales, attracts a lot of people to the forex market. In this market, without commitment and discipline and effort, it is very hard to succeed.

This article is put together to help everyone including beginners and advanced traders get better in trading and become more successful. We’ve compiled a list of routines that profitable forex traders include in their trading strategy.

In this article

Though it is quite regular to find some successful traders brag about their winnings streaks, they may not fully be transparent about the years or amount of work they had to put into the trading journey before they became successful. The truth is that developing into a successful forex trader takes time, just like it does in any other job or endeavor.

10 habits a successful forex trader must possess. 

1. Develop a trading strategy

The adage “failing to plan is intending to fail” is certainly familiar to you. Although it may sound cliché, it’s true and a crucial element for successful trading.

You need a trading plan that should be your compass in all your actions, whether you’re a novice trader or have been doing it for years.

A trading strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. It might contain some fundamental principles like:

Levels of entry and exit

Size in position



Indicators to check your entry and exit point

While having a trading strategy is crucial, it’s just as crucial to have the discipline to stick to it and put it into action.

What use is it to have a plan if you’re just going to ignore it, then? So keep in mind that it’s important to stick to your trading plan if you have one.

2. Maintain Emotional Control

According to some, the two strongest emotions that influence the markets are fear and greed.

Many Forex traders, especially beginners, enter trades without first making confirmation of entry and even entry point out of the fear of missing out on a market opportunity. Additionally, entering a deal hastily occasionally puts you at risk of losing money if it goes against you.

Another thing to watch out for and manage is greed. Greed can lead you to engage in excessive trading without due confirmation or invest excessively in a single trade. In either case, if greed takes over, you risk your trading capital.

if greed takes over, you risk your trading capital.

Point to note

It is crucial that you keep your emotions under control as much as you can if you want to become a good trader. Therefore, before pressing the button to confirm a trade, pause to examine the following questions to determine whether the trade is the proper one:

Does it complement your plan?

Is it risky enough for you?

Are you aware of what it entails if this trade ends badly for you?

3. Always seek to learn.

The best and most successful forex traders all share a passion for learning new things and a constant curiosity. Therefore, you must always learn new things about trading and the market if you want to become a great FX trader.

You need to be aware of what’s going on because the FX market is one of the most dynamic and active markets in the world. Because markets are dynamic, there will be occasions when you need to modify your trading approach.

4. Take initiative

Being proactive is a key component of success, according to Stephen Covey, author of the internationally bestselling book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Being proactive as a trader entails taking action, doing something or the things that will help you succeed as a trader.

The following are a few examples of proactive measures you can take to improve your trading:

Creating a daily schedule will increase your trading efficiency.

Make time for training and learning, such as learning about trading or technical analysis,

Reviewing chart patterns

Trading strategy evaluation and improvement

Following or subscribing to successful traders like Nial Fuller, Steve Ward, and Brett Steenbarger

Making it a habit to frequently read news websites like Bloomberg and CNBC can help you keep track of and monitor the world markets, which will also improve your trading.

5. Create a risk management plan

Every successful trader will tell you that risk management is the key to trading. And it’s true that how well you manage your risk will have a big impact on how successful you are as a trader. Risk management can be broken down into a few basic components at its most fundamental level.

Consider the following while developing your risk management strategy:

How much should you risk in each trade?

What is the magnitude of your stop loss?

What is the level of your take-profit?

How much leverage should I use for each trade?

The best piece of trading advice is to protect your capital. You can trade the following day if you preserve your trading capital.

Best Traits of a Profitable Forex Trader

Risk management Strategy Factors To Consider:

if greed takes over, you risk your trading capital.

Point to note

6. Open a demo trading account first.

While most people want to go into trading right away to experience success, it’s best to start gently and gradually. This is especially true if you’re new to forex trading, in which case opening a trial trading account is one of the best things you can do.

There are alot of reasons and advantages for trading on a demo for sometime before funding a real account. Some of these are:

Possibility to become familiar with the trading platform and various trade items

Start experimenting with various trading techniques without initially investing actual money.

Gain self-assurance when trading.

7. Use sound money management strategies

Beginners typically discover the hard way that effective money management is one of the key elements to trading success. Even if your approach is effective, it won’t assist if you don’t have good money management practices in place.

Maximizing earnings and minimizing losses are the objectives. You should be aware of your risk tolerance level as well as the potential reward before you start a trade. Although emotions cannot be fully eliminated from trading, using money management techniques can help you manage them.

8. Minimize losses as soon as possible.

It can be alluring to hold onto your losing trades in the hopes that the market will come around and allow you to close the position at breakeven or even a profit. However, optimism is a risky feeling while trading. You should have a strong risk management strategy in place and be aware of how much you are willing to lose on a given trade before you even click the buy or sell button. This will prevent you from allowing your losing positions to spiral out of hand.

9. Scale Your Positions

Scaling in and out of positions has advantages, mostly psychological advantages.

For instance, it can be advantageous for you to book some of the profit from a huge trade that is already well into profit so that you can manage the position more easily. When entering positions, scaling is another option. Finding the ideal entry point can be challenging, and you can wind up doubting your decision or wishing you had done so earlier. Scaling relieves some of the pressure because you will be stepping into the position at different points.

11. Maintain discipline (avoid excessive trading or FOMO)

Fear of missing out can cause expensive errors.

Many traders choose to keep their failures to themselves and only discuss their positive online trading experiences.

if greed takes over, you risk your trading capital.

Point to note

You might feel compelled to buy into a trade regardless of the price or what your trading strategy suggests if you see that many other individuals seem to be making big gains on it (for instance, by holding Bitcoin). This is risky since you are making decisions solely based on emotions rather than logic, and the chance might already be gone.

Successful traders never FOMO into a deal since every trade needs preparation and research to be successful.

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